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1st NESCent Phyloinformatics Hackathon: Lowering the Barrier

The Phyloinformatics Hackathon took place 11th to 15th December, 2006, at NESCent in Durham, North Carolina. On day 1, we heard user stories and chose six of the use cases as top-priority targets for development. At the end of the day we assembled into toolkit-specific groups to devise toolkit-specific plans focusing on one or more targets. For the rest of the week, we worked. Descriptions of the outputs of the hackathon are still in progress.

The objective of this first NESCent phyloinformatics hackathon was (and is on a continuing basis) on leveraging the Bio* open source software tools to provide the "glue" and lower the barriers for using phylogenetic tools within automated workflows. Details are outlined further in the formal proposal.

For more information, the best place to start is the Phyloinformatics Hackathon Overview.

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